The Protruding Gut: Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Anterior Pelvic Tilt (APT) is a very common postural situation where a person’s lower back arches significantly while standing or sitting for a long time. The hip flexors of your body located in the groin area connect femurs to your lower back and pelvis, which will shorten over period of time because they are not stretched. Eventually, these femurs become so tight that when you stand they pull the pelvis forward. Therefore, this tilt then causes the back to arch, putting stress on your lower back causing pain and flexibility issues. The term “Anterior” refers to front side of the body and “Pelvic Tilt” means that the pelvis is tilting towards the front side. Anyone suffering from this injury will always look like his gut is protruding and the butt sticking out and hence this injury can lead to serious back problems.

According to Hip Flexors Info, in men the tilt is about 0-5 degrees, whereas in women it is about 7-10 degrees. You can measure the gap of your tilt by standing with your back against the wall. If you can fit one hand in the gap, between your lower back and the wall then the gap is normal. However, if the gap seems bigger then you might want to get yourself checked.

Exercises for correcting Anterior Pelvic Tilt

For fixing this problem a few set of exercises are needed:

  • Glute Bridge – This strengthens the glutes and the hamstrings.
  • Front and side plank – This exercise is good for the abdominal muscles. In comparison to sit-ups, which only target the superficial muscles, the planks target the deeper muscles.
  • Lunge Stretch – Hip flexor lunge or lunge stretch is used to the stretch the hip flexors.
  • Lower backstretch – This exercise helps to stretch the spine.
  • Daily exercise

Anterior Pelvic Tilt does not make the posture look good, at least for a guy and the protruding belly does not look good on anyone. Women can still be able to pull it off. It is necessary to avoid APT, because it causes lower back pain that could be harmful, especially during the old age.

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